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Dragon Artworks Chinese Dragon Art Gallery

Chinese Dragon Art

Dragon Artworks is both a Chinese dragon art gallery and the owner of a growing network of sites offering Chinese artworks, supplies and other popular products like green tea and jade jewelry. The dragon art gallery offers fine calligraphy symbol and watercolor paintings, wall scrolls, statues and more. This Web site also offers jewelry, home decor and information on Chinese dragon history.


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We appreciate you taking the time to visit this site and invite you to browse a list of the other websites owned and operated by Dragon Artworks LLC. When you think about Chinese art and supplies, there is only one name you need to remember, Dragon Artworks.

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About Chinese Dragons

The Chinese dragon is nothing like the evil and violent creature often depicted in Western culture, instead they are considered to be very wise, beautiful and auspicious (lucky). It is said in China that children born in the year of the dragon make good leaders and will have a long, healthy and successful life. Visit the Chinese Dragon History page to learn more about the long history Chinese dragons.


Featured Chinese Dragon Art

Chinese Dragon Art

Featured Chinese Dragon Art Works
Large Chinese Dragon Symbol Calligraphy Painting
Large Chinese Dragon Symbol Calligraphy Painting
A very large Chinese symbol for dragon is mounted on this traditional style Chinese wall scroll painting, which is made using red silk brocade material with a wooden scroll rods on the bottom.
Chinese Black Dragon Scroll Art Painting
Chinese Black Dragon Scroll Art Painting
The Chinese black dragon scroll art painting depicts the horned dragon, which has horns like a deer. His sharp claws are the claws of an eagle, the belly of a frog, the head of a camel and a carps scales.
Chinese Dragon Tattoos Design
Chinese Dragon Tattoos Design
The characters pictured are only examples of the Chinese symbol for dragon. These characters and many more can be provided in image formats suitable for creating tattoos.

Chinese Dragon Art Scroll Paintings

Chinese Golden Dragon Art Scroll Painting
This Painting is one of the best examples of Chinese dragon art you will find anywhere online.

Chinese Dragon Phoenix Scroll Art Set
Chinese dragons are revered by people of China who will often refer to themselves as descendants of the dragon. The emperors of many far east countries consider themselves to be dragons, and the people of China often believed that emperors could become one.

Chinese Yellow Dragon Scroll Painting
Chinese dragons have almost nothing in common with their Western counterparts, which are often described as evil and creatures with violent tendencies. In fact they are just the opposite, and considered to be wise, beautiful and very auspicious.

Chinese Dragon Symbol Calligraphy Paintings

Chinese Dragon King Calligraphy Symbol Painting
Our Chinese Dragon King Calligraphy Symbol Painting measures 4x6inches and arrives at your door ready to frame.

Chinese Dragon Calligraphy Symbol Art Painting
You will be hard-pressed to find a better example of high quality calligraphy anywhere online at this, or any price. The Chinese symbol for dragon calligraphy painting is a fine artwork and will be a great addition to the decor of your home or office.

Chinese Dragon Art Silk Paintings

Chinese Silk Painting Soul of Dragon
The Dragon Artworks Web site offers many different mounting services for the silk painting soul of dragon and other artworks listed on this site. We can prepare paintings for framing, or make them into scrolls for a very reasonable price.

Silk Chinese Green Dragons in Clouds Painting
We offer custom mounting services to prepare this painting to be framed. After it is mounted onto a thick sheet of rice paper it can easily be framed, even by an amateur.

Chinese Blue Dragon Silk Painting

Chinese Dragon Statues, Swords & Clothing

Chinese Symbol for Dragon Calligraphy T-Shirt
The color pictured for the Chinese symbol for dragon calligraphy t-shirt is only an example, we offer this shirt in several popular colors.

Red Eyed Chinese Dragon Statue Holding Pearl Wisdom
This Red Eyed Chinese Dragon Statue is the Holding Pearl Wisdom, and will bring you good luck when you display it in your home or office.

Chinese Dragon Symbol Calligraphy Scroll Paintings

Chinese Dragon King Symbol Calligraphy Scroll Painting
Our Chinese Dragon King Symbol Calligraphy Scroll Painting was written on white rice paper and then made into a traditional wall scroll using blue and white silk brocade materials.

Chinese Symbol for Dragon Scroll Art Painting
If you like dragons you will love this Red Chinese Symbol for Dragon Scroll Art Painting, it is a fine example of Chinese dragon art.

Chinese Proverb Dragon Art Calligraphy Symbols Scroll
Chinese dragons have very positive meanings, so the Chinese Proverb Dragon Art Calligraphy Symbols Scroll is a nice gift for anyone on your list.

Chinese Dragon Symbol Jewelry

Double Happiness Symbol Chinese Jade Dragon Pendant
Together these two symbols have great symbolic meaning in China, and they are a marriage blessing and the perfect wedding gift for any couple. The Double Happiness Symbol Chinese Jade Dragon Pendant is a great gift idea for newlyweds.

Red Jade Chinese Dragon Pendant Fu Symbol
This pendant is made of a beautiful red jade and has great symbolic meaning, a blessing for good fortune, health and prosperity.

Visit Our Chinese Dragon Art Gallery

Visit OurChinese Dragon Art Gallery - We are always looking for new products to add to our Chinese Dragon Art Gallery, and if you don't see what you are looking for please Contact Us to request a specific product. We are working hard to offer you one of the largest collections of scrolls and calligraphy paintings online.

You may also want to visit the Chinese Calligraphy Store to findChinese Dragon Scroll Paintings and other art. Web site also offers custom name painting services, or services allowing you to have special calligraphy paintings and scrolls created at a very reasonable price.

Dragon Artworks Art Gallery

The mission of this Web site is to provide you with Chinese dragon art and information. The dragon is a very important symbol in China, even today many Chinese people consider themselves to be "descendants of the dragon." Please visit our Chinese dragon history and information page to learn more.

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